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Joel Oppenheimer, Inc., the venerable natural history art gallery known for its expertise in the iconic works of John James Audubon and other natural history artists, has partnered with Audubon Greenwich to exhibit these beautiful prints in the newly renovated gallery in Kiernan Hall. Kiernan Hall part of Audubon Greenwich's Kimberlin Nature Education Center. 613 Riversville Road, Greenwich, CT 06831.

Oppenheimer print - framed Royal Octavo - great blue heron
All of the species included in John James Audubon's Octavo Edition are available from the Audubon Greenwich Nature Store. $550 value on sale for $300 with the frame.

John James Audubon is arguably America's most widely recognized and collected artist. His Birds of America has been reproduced often, beginning with the double elephant folio printed by Havill in England, followed by a much smaller "Octavo" edition printed in Philadelphia and sold by subscription. After Audubon's death, his family arranged with the New York printer Julius Bien to produce another elephant folio edition, this time by the new chromolithographic process. It too would be sold by subscription, but the venture, begun in 1858, was brought to an abrupt end by the Civil War. Only 150 plates were produced, and the number remaining today is slight; they are among the rarest and most sought after Audubon prints.

 The Birds of America - The Bien Chromolithographic Edition
The new "The Birds of America: THE BIEN CHROMOLITHOGRAPHIC EDITION" by Joel Oppenheimer is now available in the Audubon Greenwich Nature Store. (Hardcover, 15.3 x 23.3 in, 256 pages, $350, ISBN 978-0-393-08865-6)
Joel Oppenheimer's new masterpiece, The Birds of America: THE BIEN CHROMOLITHOGRAPHIC EDITION, is a never-before-published edition of the rare chromolithographic Audubon prints of American birds. This fine book is bound in cloth with a full cloth slipcase, this beautifully produced book is the first complete reproduction of Bien chromolithographs and will become the centerpiece of any bird lover's library.  This beautifully produced book is available in the Audubon Greenwich Nature Store. To have this book signed and shipped, please contact David Oppenheimer at 312-642-5300. 

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About Joel Oppenheimer Galleries:

Established in 1969, the fine art galleries of Joel Oppenheimer, Inc. in Chicago and Charleston offer a stunning array of natural history art from the seventeenth to nineteenth centuries, as well as fine art framing, and complete conservation and restoration services.  As a natural history art gallery, Joel Oppenheimer, Inc. is dedicated to the connoisseurship of collecting and preserving the art of natural history and celebrating the contributions of the explorers who recorded the flora and fauna of the past three centuries.  Joel Oppenheimer, Inc. strives to provide collectors with an unsurpassed selection of the finest examples of prints and paintings from the golden age of natural history art including rare works by John James Audubon, Pierre-Joseph Redoute, Dr. Robert Thornton, John Gould, Basilius Besler, and many others.  

Visiting the Oppenheimer Gallery at Audubon Greenwich

The Oppenheimer Gallery (inside the Kimberlin Nature Education Center) is open daily from 10:00 am-5:00 pm. Admission for the gallery and center is $3 for adults and $1.50 for children or seniors. Audubon members are free.



Joel Oppenheimer, Inc.

About the premier exhibition...

"Exploring Audubon's Art - Comparing Audubon's Watercolors and Print editions"

December 1,2012 through February 28, 2013 

Oppenheimer Gallery-Osprey with Fish in watercolor
John James Audubon
Audubon's osprey watercolor
 The first exhibition explored all the editions of Audubon's work in the Nineteenth Century, showing comparative examples of nine prints in the different versions, which are the Havell, Bien, Octavo and watercolor editions.  The subjects to be featured in the exhibit are the Osprey, the Great Blue Heron, the Carolina Parrot, the Gyr Falcon, the Great Egret, the Passenger Pigeon, the Louisiana Heron, the Ruby Throated Hummingbird and the Dusky Duck. 

Learn more about the Opening Exhibition.

Oppenheimer Gallery at Audubon Greenwich - March 9. 2013 invite cover
J.J. Audubon's American Robin in watercolor

About the second exhibition...

"The Birds of New England in Watercolor"

March 9 - September 15, 2013

While in New England and the North Atlantic coast, John James Audubon observed many, possibly hundreds of species of birds that lived or migrated here.  Audubon painted many of these species, 52 of them while actually on location in New England, and 34 prints are included in this exhibition.

Oppenheimer Gallery at Audubon Greenwich - exhibit two - Connecticut Warbler
Audubon's watercolor of a Connecticut Warbler

In addition to the prints by Audubon, this new exhibit also features nine hummingbird species by John Gould. John Gould (1804-81) was the most prolific publisher of ornithological subjects of all time, producing fourteen folio books and other works during his celebrated career. In nineteenth century Europe, his name was as well-known as Audubon's. Unlike Audubon, though, whose work was dependent upon his own artistic skills and focused on a single country, Gould published ornithological works on many regions as well as on specific families of birds, and employed other artists to help create his lavish, hand-colored lithographic folios. He also relied primarily upon prepared specimens rather than the living birds to depict his subjects. Monograph of the Trochilidae, or Family of Humming Birds (1849-61) is considered to be Gould's masterpiece in both breadth and beauty.

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Joel Oppenheimer, Inc.


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