Hemlock Gorge Audubon Sanctuary

Also known as Audubon Lane, this 37-acre sanctuary is entirely forest and considered Greenwich Audubon Center's best-kept secret

Trail Rules - Visitor Guidelines

Hours: Open Daily, Sunrise to Sunset

Location: The entrance is on Audubon Lane. There is no parking area or restroom. Parking is on the access road.

One of seven sanctuaries managed by the National Audubon Society in Greenwich, this 37-acre parcel is Greenwich Audubon Center’s best-kept secret. Several miles of trails make exploration possible, although at present there is no trail map available. A lovely hemlock forest covers over half of the property to the east. The remainder is oak, beech, and maple forest on the western side of the property. It also features a beautiful stream with some deep pools. There are no open meadows here.

The sparkling western branch of the Byram River borders the sanctuary. The two distinct forest types provide a cool, shady cover in the summer months. Spring wildflowers flourish here, and you may see evidence of Great-horned Owls and River Otters in the winter.

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