Open daily from sunrise to sunset

Come enjoy peace and nature on our trails. Greenwich Audubon Center manages seven nature sanctuaries all of which are open to the public. Visitors are welcome to visit 365 days a year from sunrise to sunset. To help us preserve these natural places, we ask that visitors please observe our rules below.

Center & Main Sanctuary Trail Use: $6 suggested donation

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For a great guide to local hiking areas in the nearby region, check out the book Walking Trails in Greenwich and Surrounding Areas in The Nature Store located at our center. To contact the store, call 203-869-5272.

Trail Rules - Visitor Guidelines

To help Audubon better preserve its biodiversity and natural character of our sanctuaries, please follow these visitor guidelines:

  • Please leave bikes, pets, and horses at home.
  • Please 'pack in and pack out' any garbage.
  • Individuals or couples can jog in the sanctuary, but larger jogging groups are not permitted on the trails.
  • Hikers can help Audubon reduce erosion by staying on the pathways & trails.
  • Take only photos and leave only footprints. These are private sanctuaries for nature and Audubon invites people to visit. During your visit, please do not disturb wildlife, collect plants, or pick wildflowers.
  • Please observe any signs indicating when hiking trails are closed—this is for your safety. Trail access may be limited from early fall through mid-winter due to land management activities. This occurs mainly on weekdays and during early morning hours. If you have any questions about our land management activities, please contact our center at 203-869-5272 or email.

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