2024 Summer Nature Day Camp

2024 Camp Season Registration is LIVE!
Summer Nature Day Camp (2019). Photo: Greenwich Audubon Center

Camp Registration is LIVE! Click here in order to register, and read below for more information. We also have new discount codes!

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2024 Camp Overview

Seven Single-Week sessions from July 8 - August 23

Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. – 3 p.m. (No before or after care available)

Ages 5 – 11

$600 per camper per week (Scholarships available, click here to fill out an application!)

Greenwich Audubon Center is excited to offer our Summer Nature Day Camp in 2024! We are offering 7 weeks of fun-filled activities, outdoor experiences, and adventure, with our age-specific tracks of programming returning this summer! Each block is based on the unique elements of nature that we observe as the summer progresses. 

Each week, campers at Greenwich Audubon Center’s Summer Nature Day Camp explore nature in a fun, safe environment within the 285 acres of our nature sanctuary. Audubon camp fosters curiosity through outdoor discovery that helps campers develop an understanding of the natural world. These unique experiences and adventures can grow into a lifelong appreciation for our environment.

Our camp days are filled with a variety of activities—including hiking, pond and stream exploration, crafts, nature-themed games, live animal interactions, and birding. Our staff is selected for their experience and skills working with youth and for their interest in local ecology and natural history. All staff must pass background checks and are required to hold current CPR and First Aid certifications, making camp a safe place to learn about and experience nature.

Camp Age Groups: We will have two camp group cohorts this year!

  • The Explorers: Ages 5-7 - Explorers are our younger group of campers who will experience and expand on their first introductions into nature.  Explorers set off on nature adventures to many different habitats, including our ponds, rivers, lake, forests, and meadows. When they aren't out exploring the property, these campers interact with our animal ambassadors, play in nature and wildlife-based games, and work on crafts that help them engage with and understand the environment surrounding us.

  • The Adventurers: Ages 8-11 - Adventurers are our older group of campers who get to see the far reaches of Audubon's property and how we can impact the environment around us. Campers explore our 285-acre nature sanctuary, design their own nature-based games, and participate in engineering activities! If you want to understand what goes into making a healthy ecosystem and habitat for our animal friends or learn all there is to know about aquatic life in our streams and ponds, all while having an amazing camp experience, this group is perfect for you.

Camp Blocks: Camp will be organized into three seasonally themed blocks!

  • The Birds are Back in Town: Weeks 1 and 4 Spring has come and gone, summer is here, and there are animals bustling all around our sanctuary! The first three week section of camp focuses on ecosystems as a whole, and how predators and prey interact, the life cycles of plants, animals, and the environments as a whole, and what strategies animals are using to take care of their young and forage for food!
  • The Hawk Days of Summer: Weeks 2 and 5 - It's the middle of the summer here at the Greenwich Audubon Center! Learn how we can impact our environment and how we can act as supporters of our animals while exploring the shaded back woods, and wading through streams to cool off! The second block of camp this year features investigations of how animals cope with changing environmental conditions, such as climate change, and rely on the aquatic habitats we can find in our sanctuary! 
  • It's Migration Time: Weeks 3 and 6 - Fall is just around the corner! Learn how animals survive these times, develop your own wilderness skills, and find out where all of our animals are going for the fall and winter! What does it mean for our woods when summer turns to fall, and the leaves start to change? Why do birds migrate, and why is the Greenwich Audubon Center such an important location for hawk migration? Find out in the last two weeks of camp!
  • Nature Detectives: Week 7 - Our newest addition to our camp programming is going to be our most exciting yet! Join us for daily nature experiments, and learn how to interpret the natural world around us. Both groups will take a deep dive into what it means to be a naturalist, and uncover the secrets of our many environments!

More Camp Info:

Pricing: Tuition is $600 per camper per week. To ask questions about scholarships, please reach out to Christian Alexander directly at The scholarship application can be found here and on our registration page, and you can fill it out before completing registration. We offer multiple discounts as well, but scholarships cannot be used alongside these discounts. 

Cancellation and Refund Policy: A 50% refund will be issued if a cancellation request is made more than 30 days before the start of the registered camp session. A 20% refund will be issued if a cancellation request is made from 30 – 15 days before the start of the registered camp session. If Audubon must cancel a session, you will receive a full refund for that session only. No refunds will be given for cancellations made within two weeks of camp or for sessions where a student has been expelled/suspended from camp. See our Code of Conduct for more information. 


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