Wood Duck Swamp Audubon Sanctuary

A 16-acre property with mixed hardwood forest and abundant bird life

Trail Map

Trail Rules - Visitor Guidelines

Hours: Open Daily, Sunrise to Sunset

Location: The entrance is on Carissa Lane, off Stanwich Road, just south of the Merritt Parkway. Parking is available on Carissa Lane.

One of seven sanctuaries managed by the National Audubon Society in Greenwich, this 16-acre property is a true nature sanctuary. The parcel supports herbs and spring flowers, mixed hardwood woodland, and abundant bird life: Yellow Warblers, Common Yellowthroats, Scarlet Tanagers, and Ring-necked Pheasants. Wood Ducks sometimes frequent this peaceful spot, especially in fall. Near the entrance, the trail crosses an old stone bridge and then circles north around a red maple swamp. The trail is often overgrown in summer. The Nature Conservancy gave this property to the local Audubon Society of Greenwich chapter in 1982.

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